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Do I have any protection for my brand and name?

If you’re selling your goods or services under a brand name or symbol so that people can recognise that you’ve made it or you’re providing the services associated with it, then you’re using that as a trade mark, even if you haven’t registered it as such. In addition, you might have unregistered trade mark protection […]

How do I register a trade mark?

Here are our six steps to obtaining a registered trade mark, such as in the UK. Step 1 Pick a Mark.  That might be a name, logo, sound, movement, colour or other identifier of your goods, or services. Step 2 Identify goods or services for which the mark applies.  You have to select the goods […]

Can I patent software?

Cast aside what you may have heard from your friends or read on the internet – obtaining a patent for software is possible in Europe. However, this is a specialist area, and obtaining a patent for these topics can be problematic without expert guidance. Below is a rough guide to what may be, and what […]

How do I get a patent?

So you’ve identified that you have something patentable and you want to file a patent application. What next? In order to obtain a granted patent, a right that you can use to stop others from working the invention that the patent protects, you need to file a patent application. This patent application is then searched […]

What is intellectual property (IP)?

You’ve heard that every successful company has it and even some successful people have it and use it for their benefit. But what is intellectual property (IP), why would you want it, and how do you get it? Let’s explain. While property such as your house, car or phone, are physical tangible assets, IP is […]

I’m starting a new business, what do I need to know about intellectual property?

According to The Former Chairman of the Federal Reserve 75% of business value lies within intangible assets . So whether you’re creating the latest gastro pub, a slick new fashion label, the next blockbuster novel, a new smartphone app, or a product providing huge advancement in technology, you need to understand intellectual property (IP), the […]

How do I get a registered design?

So you’ve decided you want to file a registered design to protect the look of your product. Designs are registered by filing an application. Compared to patents, the process of obtaining a registered design is relatively quick and inexpensive. Of course, the main part of the application is showcasing the design itself, i.e. providing drawings […]

How do I protect the way my product looks?

“Design patents can be the first line of defence in preventing “knock­offs” by infringers that wish to capitalise on a successful and popular product.” Philip Soo, Patent Counsel, 3M There is no doubt, when it comes to protecting a new product, patents are the most powerful asset because they protect aspects of the way in which the […]